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Danielle Cruz
Save Duchamp, 2019
Mobile rendering
Cubo rojo. Red cube, 2019
Danielle Games Cruz is editor of elemmental.com and a doctoral student in Communication at UPF. She has lived in Barcelona for years but has lived for more than a decade in Compostela, A Coruña and Madrid. She studied Philosophy and a couple of master's degrees in Philosophy and Book Publishing, and gained experience at La Vanguardia. As a child, she witnessed the Internet boom in her hometown in the 1990s, founding the most expressive national community at the time. Since then she has been accompanied by her love for new media, art and books.
In Philosophy
She dedicated herself to Aesthetics and the Philosophy of the Image. Her master's thesis designed an axis for a plural Philosophy of the Image adding perspectives such as anthropology, oriental philosophy and psychoanalysis.

Semiotics, Analytical Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, and New Media Theory are also part of her interests.

She sometimes misses the Plaza de Mazarelos and the Concepción Arenal Library.
In Publishing and Journalism
While studying in Santiago de Compostela, Danielle collaborated with various digital publications related to art. She moved to Barcelona in 2016 and studied a master's degree in Publishing at UPF. She was working in the newspaper La Vanguardia, in the supplement Cultura | s, a fundamental experience for her formation.

From there, she made elemmental.com a daily exercise to inform and bring contemporary art to a broad audience.
In Arts
Danielle has fun with digital art and values the pleasure of learning and experimentation.

Her videos are rendered on mobile or directly on Instagram. She uses her own photographs and makes use of resources such as glitch and collage.

Her drawings are a mix between abstraction and surrealism, made on paper, with a black and colored ballpoint pen.
Find her on ResearchGate.
Scotish garden, 2018. Animation rendered on Instagram
Scotish garden, 2019. Animation rendered on Instagram